Newsletter - May 2018


Winter is almost here!


I'm so excited to see winter coming. It’s a time to set up that Winter Wonderland in your home.

Something about winter makes me dream about having more time to relax and replenish. Slowing down is what we all dream of if we could buy Time. We would all be super grateful as we try to fit more into our lives everyday. For me its about fitting everything I want to do into my day, and let me tell you I want to do so many things. This makes me excited because I love being busy and living everyday to the fullest.


I also love to treat myself with rewards like rest and relaxation,  light activities like walking along our beautiful river or a bushwalk in the hills. A venture to my favourite shop and maybe grab a coffee or breakfast at the local village or market. It truly is the little things that make me feel life is special.

To refill my tank and yours and to nurture our souls I recommend these tips;

  • Splash out on a fresh new throw rug, add a candle or pop on your aromatherapy diffuser and burn some of  your favourite essential oils.
  • Buy a small bunch of flowers or even better cut some of those amazing camellias from your garden. and pop into a vase.
  • Cook a pot of your favourite soup, hopefully using some home grown vegies and let the fragrance waft through your home especially while your in your slippers!
  • Prep your wardrobe,  pack away those summer outfits and make way for your favourite comfort clothes. Mine are definitely going to be soft and snuggly.A clean wardrobe is amazing,  it feels great to get rid of the clutter, it frees up space in your mind !

  • Spend time relaxing with your favourite magazines and  books,  do some drawing. Clean-out your photos on Instagram , Facebook or your phone !
  • Invite your friends or family to visit for a movie night or game night.
  • And finally NOTHING  beats a good old pamper session to restore your soul you know you deserve it. Do it yourself or visit a salon .

We are excited to let you know that this winter we are improving our service with every shampoo cut blow dry we will be adding a hot steam towel .

Anita Bell