How important is your hair-cut?

When was the last time you loved your hair-cut?

Do you grow your hair because no one really understands what you want? Does this sound familiar? Why is it that no ones actually sees who you are, your style, and how you want to look and feel about yourself? After 34 yrs I really get it...

You don't want to look like your Nanna in 1950...

You want to look fresh sexy youthful stylish & feminine!

you need to be able to recreate and manage this on a day to day basis. You want advice in styling you want to recreate your look you need to no what products are best and work for your hair and suit your look.

Why does does boss lady get it?

because after 34 yrs of cutting hair...

 I have worked with every hair type, and I understand because if any one dares make me look old, severe or a boring Nanna cut I'd scream, yell and abuse them! Yep I would...  I treat my midlife sexy Mummas & Nannas like I want to be treated. With a creative eye, interest in lifestyle, and how you like to care for your hair. I believe in a great cut. I believe it takes time, so don't expect a great cut in 20 minutes. Even for a wash and go cut we need to see it dry.

My reshaping allows 75min to be pampered!

The full Service Includes:

Shampoo Wash & Hair Treatment Massage
Full Service Master Cut & Style
(Includes Texture Cut with Boss Lady)
We warranty all of our work 100%
Don't hesitate come see me - Anita.

All inclusive $115

Anita Bell