A warm welcome from Anita


I wanted to have a full month off and I certainly achieved this.

On reflection of my time off, and my wisdom of age!! I believe it’s so important for us to allow ourselves some time to do something for ourselves. Sometimes escaping all things busy! I see my salon as a family. A family of women, whether we are mums, business owners, caring for our partners, studying or just starting a new working life.

Take some down time, you are super important!

It's super important to give back to you, take some time to read a book, or go for a walk, dance, cook, or spend time in the garden. We must remember to enjoy the journey of our life spend time with friends and especially to take time to feel good about you. Why not start the New Year with a fresh look? Change up your style a little it will revive you and put a spring in your step.

Our promise to you this year is to offer you:

1.    Our expert advice

2.    Trained Profession stylists that will give you the results you want.

3.    100 % Guarantee on all our work

4.    A relaxing environment

Relax refresh and revive with our summer revive package - Only $179

Style your hair with FULL.AGAIN

Don’t ask for a miracle, just get a great haircut!

Ask Yourself

Do you suffer with thin fine and flat hair? 
Are you never quite happy with your haircut?
Does your hair lie flat?
Does your hair lack body?
Is it hard to manage?

At Platinum hair fine haircuts are my specialty. Whether it’s a choppy bob or a short cut. I love to texture cut fine hair it makes it look fat and adds body. We create short choppy looks for edgy everyday where.

Hair meets street style

 Being a master cutter I definitely know after 30 + years of cutting that hair needs to be versatile, and easy to maintain. Whilst we looking amazing on trend and stylish.
We take into account your lifestyle and hair type whenever we do your haircut.

15+ Chic Short Hairstyles for Thin Hair You Should Not MISS!

Long, thin hair tends to look scraggly and unhealthy. Without the volume or layers to pull it off, most thin hair hangs limp when it is grown out long. Adding layers and keeping it at a short healthy length will give your hair the oomph it needs.

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We are never to old for a great on trend cut or never to young to try.


Infused with essential oil of Amyris and Elemi, this weightless lotion will thicken hair, providing natural movement and body. Rayon particles create a thicker surface making fine hair act thicker.

How to use: Apply to the ends and mid-lengths of damp hair before styling.

Benefits: Natural movement and body, Paraben and sulphate free, Thickening, Fortifying, Strengthens hair, Volumising

Anita Bell | Platinum Hair


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