Get the best out of your Curly Hair!


First you have to decide if your hair is lacking moisture or protein? Do a strand test this will help you.


  • Take a small strand of hair and thoroughly wet it down.
  • Place the hair between your fingers and wind it around once.
  • Ten with one finger at the base pull away from the scalp gently.
  • If it stretches and returns, it is in pretty good shape and most likely just needs to have a hydrating shampoo conditioner and a hydrating treatment to care for it.
  • If it stretches and feels like it's tearing and going to break, it needs Protien.
  • In this case, go visit your local salon and get a prescribed Protien Treatment.
  • Use it 1 or 2 times a week until it's all gone.
  • If it doesn't stretch and stays solid to the head its in need of moisture so head over to salon and get a hair mask and a leader in hydrating conditioner.
  • Ignoring either of these processes on your hair will create other issues generally a lack of curl definition and frizz.
  • After you have done the stretch test it will help you determine what you need to get your hair back on track to low maintenance and looking hot.

After stretch test be honest, is your hair:

  • Really curly, frizzy or just a touch wavy? 
  • Have you had a perm? When/how old is it ?
  • How thick is your hair or is it fine?
  • How does it feel? Soft, course, dry, oily ?
  • Have you got flat roots?

try to work out what it is that's bugging you. I will help give you some advice and get you more invested on taming those locks. you will have everyone jealous of those curls in no time.

Does your colour just not last, washes out to fast, or just looks dull?

Have you experienced the full OCS system yet?

Did you know that when the moisture and protein levels of your hair are at the correct ph, your colour won’t fade?

We take the time to:

  • Fully analyse your hair
  • Determine your protein and moisture balance
  • Treat your hair with whatever it needs to get that balance just right
  • Colour it with our one-of-a-kind patented formulation packed full of certified organic and natural ingredients
  • Style it without plastics, and prescribe you with a full home-care regime that will help maintain your gorgeous new locks until we see you again!

Believe us, it really is worth every second, Come in and experience the Platinum hair colour touch your hair will love it.


- ANITA BELL / Platinum Hair